A rustic cottage in the Sierra del Sueve

February 18, 2018

The Sierra del Sueve is a limestone massif located in the Central Eastern area of Asturias. A Northern foothill of the Cantabrian mountains, the range is situated between Colunga and Caravia in the North West and Ribadesella, Piloña and Parres in the East and South. Our base for two weeks was a rustic cottage surrounded by a private meadow and offering views of the Ponga National Park.

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A Tuscan masterclass with Bookings For You

February 16, 2018

You know you’re going to have a great day when breakfast comprises of fresh coffee, Italian pastries, and Millionaires Shortbread. Melt in the mouth delicious they were too. The pastries were made by the Giovannini family who had travelled from Italy to show us how to make Tuscan food. The Millionaires Shortbread a Miranda Gore Brown (Great British Bake Off Finalist) recipe re-created by Jo Mackay from Bookings For You.

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Epic family adventures off the beaten track

February 15, 2018

The Doves approach to holidays is very much based on discovery, exploration and adventure with authenticity at the heart. Often our favourite destinations are largely unspoiled by tourism, offer breathtaking scenery in spades and provide the best outdoor playground for our seven-year-old daughter. The kind of properties we love are full of character, rustic and often unique with a story to tell. Of course, having a great time is a key ingredient for our family holidays too.

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7 things to do with kids in Asturias

February 5, 2018

We got our first taste of Northern Spain back in 2016 when we holidayed in Cantabria. Having taken a cruise ferry from the UK to Bilbao, it was only a two hour drive to our accommodation. Much of the area we explored over that two week period was untouched by tourism which is why we loved it so much – that and the incredible views every which way we turned.

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5 Family travel blogs to follow in 2018

February 2, 2018

We all know personal recommendations go a long way but this is especially the case when it comes to family travel. While we’ll always do our own research, we always want to hear from fellow travel bloggers before booking anywhere. It’s good to know if somewhere has the right kind of facilities for kids, what there is to do in a specific area or what we really mustn’t miss while we’re there. You may remember we published the ultimate list of family travel blogs last year. This time around we thought we’d keep it manageable and tell you about a handful of family travel bloggers you should be following in 2018.

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The charming village of Lastres

January 7, 2018

If you venture to the Museo del Jurásico de Asturias, Playa de La Griega or Playa de La Espasa while in Asturias, make sure you visit Lastres (or Llastres as it’s known locally). Situated in the Colunga region, this small fishing village is ranked one of the most beautiful in Spain. With narrow cobbled streets and houses with pretty balconies, it’s a delightful place for a wander.

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7 things to do with kids in Paris

January 1, 2018

If you fancy heading to Paris but the thought of taking the kids doesn’t appeal, check out what we got up while we were there as a family. We always find the key to success is in the planning so we have a good combination of activities that keep everyone occupied. We like to do things on the spur of the moment though too. We had such an amazing time in Paris as a family, we were kicking ourselves for not heading back to this wonderful city earlier.

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The remarkable Los Mallos de Riglos, Huesca

October 25, 2017

Situated between Barcelona and Madrid in north eastern Spain is a spectacular region largely untouched by tourism. Aragon has three distinct provinces to explore too – Zaragoza (which is also the name of the capital city), Teruel and Huesca. The latter is nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees, its breathtaking scenery ideal for walkers, climbers and adventurers. With access from Las Peñas de Riglos, 45 kilometres from the Huesca town, Los Mallos de Riglos are impressive rock formations which stand 300 metres high.

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Let’s find a beautiful place and get lost

October 17, 2017

We’ve always enjoyed adventurous holidays whether it be swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, trekking the Tongariro Crossing or navigating a river to Angel Falls. As parents of course our priorities changed and with it the focus of our holidays. That said, POD has grown up with the same desire to explore that we have. She loves the great outdoors and last year in Cantabria, aged just five, even climbed her first mountain. While we’re family orientated in our travels too, there’s nothing better than making discoveries – especially when they’re unexpected.

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